Brown Moroccan Limestone Counter


I love working upcountry in awesome kula maui. It's nice and cool, with great views and ten minutes from my house (bonus). This is one of our long time clients. This counter my look familiar because I posted pictures before, we've restored and polished it a few times. It's a beautiful stone you don't see very often. Beautiful but requires a lot of care and maintenance. This time we applied a new protective product which is ideal for sensitive stone counters. It makes the surface etch proof and stain proof. Along with that as you can tell the reflection is excellent. It will make stone last longer and make daily cleaning a lot simpler.  If you would like to know if your counter is a good candidate for this process call 808.877.0222

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Exterior Travertine

Working in Kai Malu wailea. This is a typical situation for exterior Travertine. Lots of red dirt buildup, irrigation stains and normal wear and tear.  


Using our specialized restorative cleaning methods, we were able to remove all build up and bring stone and grout to a nice clean and protected surface  

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Exterior Tile and Grout

This exterior lanai had years of build up and hard water staining. Red dirt had really done a number on this floor.  

We did a deep restorative cleaning and got really good results. This side by side shows the drastic change. 


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Crema Marfil Marble Floor

This floor was in really bad shape. Lots of etch marks, dirty grout, lots of holes and chips to fill, missing grout. We had to deep clean to get tiles and grout nice and fresh. We had to diamond sand to remove wear and damage. We finished by top polishing and sealing. 

This is a very difficult stone to maintain. Especially if it is in a high occupancy vacation rental. We will work with the managing company to put together a regular program.  


Granite boarders

We were on this project for a while. This client had lots of stone inside and out of her home. All her pathways had these pavers and granite boarders. It was a little challenging because of the landscape and different treatments of the two materials. Red dirt had stained this granite and needed to be cleaned and resurfaced. We sealed it with a high grade empregnator and expect to get long lasting protection 


SRN Mash Up

Went to Rochester NY for a three day work shop with the SRN ( Stone Repair Network ) Met up with some of the alumni and had a great time. 

Practiced on some white carerra marble did a 7 step polish from 50 grit to powder polish.  

The granite was broken in 3 pieces. I color matched and epoxyed back together. After I had to grind down to smooth seams and polish to get full reflection back

We tried out some various polishes on the stone grid pallet.  


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Granite Floor

Working on hotel projects can be challenging. This floor had been sealed improperly with a topical coating. It was re coated over without removing the dirt and grease stains, which locked them in. We had to do multiple applications of coating remover while preserving all the surrounding areas. We used a biodegradable citrus smelling remover so as not to disturb the guest too much more than we were. This pic is after it was stripped clean. We finished off with a color enhancing sealer to bring back some of the greens and blues. 


Another successful stone job.  

Launiopoko Travertine Lanai and Pool Coping

Travertine is a very nice stone for exteriors. But can also require a good maintenance program. We just finished all the exterior travertine at this beautiful Launiopoko home. 

Look forward to working with Larry, Noah and the crew in the future. 


We took the sheen down a bit from the original finish to give it a nice clean natural finish

They had glass pool coping that had a fair amount of build up. Once agin using our specialized blasting system, we got great results with happy clients. 

Pool and Spa Tile Coping Service

Hard water line removal

Hard water line removal

Back in beautiful Kaanapali. This home is up on the West maui mountains. The pool coping was in need of some professional cleaning. And that’s just what we did. Using our specialized system for safe removal and cleaning of hard water build up, we were able to get this inside tile looking like new. 


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Hyatt Fitness Center Floor Restoration


The Hyatt resort in Kaanapali is a great place to vacation/staycation. We had the privilege of working agian with SDS on this renovation. As you can see this stone walkway needed some expert restoration. After stripping off the old topical coating sealer and giving it a deep clean along with the help of a impregnating enhancement sealer.  We were able to get this floor back into good shape. The floor is clean and well protected. 


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Marble Lanai

Back at Hoolei Wailea in beautiful Maui Hawaii. We had a Creme Marfil floor that needed some cleaning and polishing done. We did a couple steps of diamond sanding to remove scratches and etchmarks before we did a natural polish to a high reflective finish. We sealed it with an oleophobic impregnating sealer. That should give long lasting stain protection. A floor like this is beautiful but needs proper maintenance and care to keep its luster. If you have marble that needs some attention please contact us at


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