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Maui, Hawaii - Expert recommendations for your floors, counters, showers, glass, pool tiles, water features.  Maintenance, protection and restoration solutions for every sensitive surface in your Maui Home. 



Marble Travertine Granite &  Stone

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Protect your investment in natural stone with the best industry techniques and products. 

Etching, staining, wear patterns, chipping and cracking are issues that can be addressed.  Our experts provide cutting edge skill and proven experience for your floors, showers and counters.

When it comes to stone protection, we are your first line of defense.

Glass Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

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All tile, glass and grout need cleaning, maintenance and routine care.  Whether your concerns are waterspots, discoloration, stain prevention, or deep cleaning, or protection our team is fully equipped and trained for every situation. 

Concrete & Grout

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Concrete surfaces can be refinished whether old or new.  Adding texture, exposing aggregate, staining, and polishing concrete can bring new life and a new look to your concrete surface.

Cracks, chips, buildup and discoloration on structurally sound grout can be addressed.  Maintenance and protection help preserve the life of your floor, shower or counter.